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Down prices fall, the market is becoming more stable

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A few days ago, the gradually falling down down price has finally broken the high down price trend since November 2012, alleviated the strong impact of the shortage of down raw materials on the down industry in China and even the world, and also relaxed the restless anxiety of every link enterprise in the whole down industry from upstream to downstream.
Direct impact of avian influenza

At present, the raw materials of most down suppliers in China are purchased from individual farmers. However, due to the occurrence of h7n9, the market demand for poultry such as chickens and ducks is reduced, and the reduction of slaughtering quantity directly leads to a sharp decrease in the production of down raw materials. As a result, raw material suppliers have to face a shortage of supplies. Therefore, affected by the avian flu, since November 2012, the price fluctuation of down has been increasing. The price of white duck down has been soaring from 280 yuan / kg to 630 yuan / kg, and the price of goose down is more than 1000 yuan / kg. The sharp rise in price has scared downstream enterprises.

Increased speculation and hoarding by suppliers

The price of white duck down is one price per day, which is a true description of down price in a period of time ago. The unstable price makes the down supplier neither dare to enter the goods easily nor to ship easily. In this case, the supply is in short supply, supply is less than demand, the down supply chain must be unbalanced, and the concentrated outbreak of imbalance between supply and demand is reflected in the form of price rise.

The market is becoming more and more stable

Down industry affected by avian influenza in the first half of the year is now recovering. The docking of raw material suppliers and down processors is also increasing, and the market has become stable. Industry insiders said: Although the down industry is greatly affected by this price fluctuation, because down is an irreplaceable natural health care product type filler, its value is incomparable and irreplaceable. Therefore, they have sufficient confidence in the recovery and development of down industry.