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Down experts distinguish duck down from goose down

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The stuffing material of down quilt is mainly down. Down is the down which grows on the abdomen of geese and ducks. It is the fluff like reed flower, which is called feather in sheet shape. Because down is a kind of animal protein fiber, it has higher thermal insulation than cotton, and the spherical down fiber is densely covered with tens of thousands of triangle pores, which can shrink and expand with the change of temperature. It can adjust temperature and absorb people. The body emits flowing hot gas. Absolutely. The invasion of cold air.

Compared with duck down, goose down has the advantages of large pile, high hollowness, good fluffy, excellent resilience and stronger warmth retention. According to the authoritative test data of China down industry association, the down flower of goose down is generally larger than that of duck down, and the fluffy degree is 50% higher than that of duck down, so the heat preservation performance is better. Mr. Wang dunzhou, vice president of China animal products processing research association and director of down industry committee, analyzed that goose down and duck down have different grades. Even the goose down with the lowest grade has better thermal insulation than the duck down with the highest grade. In addition, relevant experts also frankly admit that, generally speaking, goose down is better than duck down in various indicators.

When talking about the difference between goose down and duck down, down experts pointed out that there are two aspects to the problem of duck down. First, ducks like to eat insects in water, so duck down generally has a fishy smell (known as "duck odor" in the industry). In order to remove the peculiar smell, some processing plants even use deodorant in the process of decontamination and degreasing. Although the newly bought down jacket can't smell out, it will return after a few months. It will take at least a year for it to naturally emit. Goose is a herbivore, so there is no odor problem in goose down itself, which ensures the green environmental protection from the source of raw materials.

As duck down can also be divided into white duck down and gray duck down. Among them, white duck down has the best quality and high price. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers choose white duck down or even gray duck down with mixed hair. In order to make the duck down appear whiter, bleach with formaldehyde.

Relevant information shows that formaldehyde is a colorless chemical gas, with pungent smell at high concentration, which causes extreme discomfort to eyes and trachea. Even if a small amount of formaldehyde is continuously exposed, serious adverse reactions will be caused. Long time exposure to formaldehyde can induce allergy. Formaldehyde has been classified as a possible carcinogen to human by international cancer research organization.

Goose down is generally favored by the industry because of its better thermal insulation and green performance. According to the investigation of Kangdian down, goose down is basically used in most down quilts and high-grade down products abroad.

The biggest advantage of goose down is that it has no peculiar smell. People who are sensitive to smell suggest to use down products made of goose down. At present, domestic medium and high-grade products are mainly down quilts, down pillows and down mattresses filled with duck down. Because of their low price, they are deeply loved by consumers. A down quilt made of goose down is more than 2000 yuan. At present, the market price of a kilogram of goose down is 550 yuan. Its consumer groups are mainly middle-class and relatively high-income groups. Down is naturally good for people's health, it is recommended to buy it. For details, see the advantages of duvet.

White goose down is better than gray goose down, gray goose down is better than white duck down, white duck down is better than gray duck down, or is the proportion of them related to fluffy degree, the larger the filling ratio of down is, the warmer it is, and the higher the puffiness is, the warmer it is.