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The thicker the down jacket is, the warmer it is

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In the cold winter, down jacket is a magic weapon to resist the cold. Warm down jacket is a necessary piece in winter. It can not only resist the cold wind for us, but also make us become the charming focus of winter.
Just after winter, down jacket market began to be hot, "light" down jacket, windproof and breathable All kinds of slogans are dazzling. Consumers can't help but wonder, "is the light down jacket warm?" What's the matter with cashmere content. For this reason, Qu Fei, Deputy Secretary General of down jacket Professional Committee of Beijing Garment Association, summed up several mistakes in buying down jacket for consumers, and taught everyone how to choose a warm down jacket.

Myth 1: the higher the cashmere content, the better

According to the national standard of down clothing, down type, down content and down filling amount must be indicated. Down content refers to the percentage of down and down silk in down. According to the regulations, down content shall not be less than 50%. The higher the down content of the same kind of down jacket, the better the thermal effect. However, Qu Fei, secretary general, said that the general consumer can meet the demand by choosing 70% - 80% cashmere content.

Myth 2: thick down jacket is warmer

Down filling amount refers to the total weight of all down filled in down jacket. It is related to the size, length and style of the clothes. The national standard does not make any mandatory provisions on this index. But what needs to be reminded is not that the more down is filled and the heavier the clothes are, the more warm the down jacket will be. Because with the increase of filling density, the loss of heat through the filler increases. Improving the fluffy degree of down filler is the key to improve the thermal insulation. The higher the puffiness is, the more insulating air the down contains, so the better the heat insulation performance is. This is why in recent years on the market some light down jacket, warm effect is also very good reason. Some down garments with more down filling content are mixed with feather silk, down silk and crushed wool. Even if the down content is the same, the fluffy degree will decrease. At present, the fluffy degree of down jacket with general price is about 450-500, and that of down jacket with slightly higher price can reach 600-900.

Myth 3: down jacket feel no feather stem, the softer the better

Qu Fei, deputy secretary general, said that in fact, it is very normal for high-quality down to contain a certain limit of small hair stalks. If it feels very soft and can not be touched at all, such products should be purchased with caution. Because some manufacturers will be leftovers, fluffy cotton, feathers broken, filled in the clothes, as down to deceive consumers. Not only can not achieve good thermal effect, sanitation may not be up to standard.

Understand the above several misunderstandings, consumers in the selection is much easier. Here are some tips for judging the quality of down jacket

First look: see if there are product quality labels, test reports, etc., and whether the down type, down content and down filling amount are clearly marked on the label.

Second touch: good quality down jacket feels soft to the touch, with a complete piece of hair, but not many feather stalks, at the same time, to ensure that the hair stem is soft.

Three press: press down the down jacket with your hand and release it immediately. If it rebounds quickly and returns to its original state, the fluffy degree of down is good. Poor resilience, heavy feeling in the hand, it means that the cashmere content is low, or may be mixed with a certain amount of wool flakes or crushed wool.

Four taps: take a hard pat on the down jacket. If down comes out or dust spills from the stitches, it indicates that the fabric is poor in anti down drilling, or the sewing needle hole is too large, and this kind of down jacket will become thinner and thinner. Some down jacket fabrics do not drill down, but waterproof, but poor air permeability, water vapor is not easy to send out, after washing is not easy to dry, down will be affected by moisture will produce varying degrees of deterioration, or breeding microorganisms, emitting odor.

Five smell: nose close to down jacket, smell carefully, if there is obvious odor or odor, it may be filled with inferior down, it is recommended not to buy.

Six weigh: weigh the weight of down jacket, comparatively speaking, the lighter the weight, the bigger the better.

Finally, pay attention to tailoring when purchasing. The more squares are used to fix down, the better. Otherwise, after washing several times, the down may be clumped and drooping like a gourd. People who plan to travel for a long time should choose the down jacket with small size and light weight, which can be compressed in the backpack; for those who need to stay in the cold environment for a long time, it is better to choose a down jacket with long style, wear-resistant fabric, and more pocket to store personal belongings. The hat should have fur edge to prevent wind; and the down jacket vest worn inside should be relatively close to the body.

According to the authorities of the national industry and Commerce Department, the following problems generally exist in the down market at present: 1. Using inferior raw materials as down raw materials; because the real down raw materials are relatively expensive, many illegal factories use hollow cotton to treat them as down. Their handle and color are the same, but they are far worse in resisting cold. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to: because it is difficult to identify the quality of the inner filler when buying down jacket, do not only try to get cheap price, but also pay attention to choose famous brands.