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Enterprise spirit
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1、 Enterprise core value (enterprise spirit)

Loyalty, dedication, integrity and enterprising

2、 Business philosophy of the company:

Honest management and steady development

3、 Talent strategy view:

1. Bolong's employment principles are as follows:

If there is virtue and talent, it should be used in an unconventional way;

If you have no virtue or talent, limit your use; if you have no virtue or talent, don't use it.

2. Bolong's training concept:

Training is the biggest benefit for employees

4、 Corporate vision and mission (objectives)

1. Vision: Velvet warm the world

2. Mission: to create Chinese down culture, to create down home textiles, to guide the trend of home down culture.

● Bolong enterprise concept: Hongxiang Tianyu, eternal Runyu

The mission of Bolong people: to create Chinese down culture, to create down home textiles, to guide the trend of home down culture.

Bolong's business philosophy: honest operation and steady development

Bolong's philosophy of career: to be a man first, then to do something, to realize oneself in the warmth of others

The core values of Bolong -- integrity, innovation, cooperation and enterprising

Honesty is the foundation of Bolong's development and the foundation of building a harmonious society. "Honest management" is the belief Bolong always sticks to. Innovation: is the driving force of Bolong's sustainable development, and also the key element of building the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Cooperation: internal team cooperation, external cooperation and win-win cooperation. This is the fundamental guarantee for Bolong to have a strong combat effectiveness, and it is also the internal requirement for the sustainable development of Bolong.

Enterprising: enterprising, achieving value. A man without a sense of enterprise can't succeed. A lack of enterprising awareness of the enterprise is also difficult to sustainable development and respected