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describe: Goose down is usually used to fill some things to keep warm, such as goose down quilt, down jacket, etc.

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Goose down is usually used to fill some things to keep warm, such as goose down quilt, down jacket, etc. Among all kinds of thermal insulation materials, down is undeniably the most superior, because of its soft structure and can be folded very small, but the quality of down is very different, only high-quality down has these advantages. After strict cleaning, disinfection, and selection processes, the finished products are produced to ensure that the thermal insulation and moisture resistance of down products are stronger than others.

"In terms of keeping warm, goose down is certainly better than duck down, because we all know the principle of keeping warm is mainly depending on the amount of fixed air, that is, the more fluffy and thicker things are, the more warm they will be. Down is also the same, because of the structure of down, so the size of down fiber is directly related to the amount of fixed air. Generally speaking, the volume of goose down fiber is larger than that of duck down fiber, and the fixed air volume is also larger than that of duck down fiber, so it is naturally warmer than duck down fiber. You can take a look on the market. The limit temperature of 1500g duck down is - 29 ℃. The temperature limit of 1500g goose down is the least - 40 ℃.

Product characteristics
Soft warmth
Among the four natural thermal insulation materials, cotton, wool, silk and down, down has the best thermal insulation performance. In the compendium of Materia Medica, Li Shizhen, a great medical expert in China, also mentioned: "choosing goose belly fluff as clothing, quilts, soft and new cold nature, especially suitable for relieving the pain of infants." From the modern point of view, the health care function of down quilt is determined by its unique soft warmth keeping and moisture absorption and divergence. As far as the degree of warmth preservation is concerned, there is no thermal insulation material better than down in the world at present. Because down is a star shaped structure, each down wire can be seen under the magnifying glass to be fish scale like, with numerous tiny pores, containing a large amount of static air. Due to the lowest air conductivity, the down has good thermal insulation and is full of elasticity It is 2.5 times as light and fluffy as cotton and 2.2 times as much as wool when tested with down content of 50%. Therefore, the down quilt is not only gentle and warm, but also has a good touch to the skin.

Hygroscopic divergence

Natural down also has a good performance of moisture absorption and divergence that other thermal insulation materials do not have. According to the measurement, the body of a person with constant sweating can release about 100 grams of sweat out of the body.

Product category


Goose down: large velvet flower, small feather stem, good quality, elastic foot, strong warmth keeping;

Duck down: the down flower and feather stem are worse than goose down, but the quality, elasticity and warmth retention are very high;

Goose duck mixed down: the fluffy flower is general, the elasticity is poor, but the warmth retention is good;

Flying silk: it is crushed by wool pieces, with poor elasticity and warmth retention, with powder, inferior quality, and easy to agglomerate after washing.

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